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Friday, October 27, 2006


Did it work?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

That's it. Someone tell me how to hyperlink! Ctrl+Shift+a does not work(perhaps it is a Mozilla thing; I get Ad-blockable items)and this is the Google group's(which I would link to if I could)oft-endorsed advice. Someone take pity on me and explain how it's done. Assume I know nothing.

I've come into so many opportunities for this, situations in which I could say a lot more without having to bog myself down in presentation of details and empirical stuff. And I want to plug other people's quarries. My glaring stupidity has made this impossible.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It takes a fair amount of coaxing to energize the bunny operating the wheel that drives the blogging center of my brain. Gratuitous use of electric shock is a good start but actual blogging might be the dynamo needed here.

Ultimately, I have no point but to be anecdotal.

Recording. An arguous task that proves perseverance pays off(especially in the digital realm- manipulation of data is exponentially simpler)when, after fretting(ha!)over the 0.01% I got wrong on my road to despondency, the end product sounds, well, good. Drums make a world of difference. In short, most people can't do everything, so recording is the perfect socialist society(for self-produced artists.)One guy supplies the gear and stringed instruments, one guy drives the recording gear(a highly underappreciated role in society!), a drummer is employed, a vocalist does his thing, someone assembles a promo package, a booking agent shops it out, etc.

Antiprince(incidentally, the recording guy I spoke of)said a funny thing about digital home recording once. He said, "I thought, with the Digital Renaissance in home recording, there would be all these great records coming out. Instead, all these...records...came out." A short journey through Youtube(now Gootube?)yields lots of terrifying homegrown talent. It is simply a question of marketing. If only it was like beer. Think, Guinness is a relatively high-quality beer and they are really a Johnny-Come-Lately in the schnazzy advertising world. Budweiser, the piss of Beelzebub, holds the crown for high-stakes ads. People still drink Guinness by reputation but that took a hundred years to foster. Without huge financial backing, who can get noticed anymore?